About Cepeda Baseball

The Cepeda Baseball Caribbean Classic is a premier tournament showcasing young talent from different parts of the USA, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other Latin countries. This year will be the 7th Annual Cepeda Baseball Caribbean Classic tournament and we are extremely happy to have the chance to bring elite players to compete with the best the island has to offer. Cepeda Baseball Club sees over 500+ baseball players in different locations across the states during tryouts and forms its high caliber rosters from these workouts.

Ages competing in the tournament will be 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, & 15U (depending on the number of players and number of teams we will either do individual age groups or combined age groups 10U/11U; 12U/13U; & 14U-15U) rosters. Players 14-18 are invited to participate in our intensive 5-day Dominican-style training at the Cano Baseball Academy with Jose Cano, father of Robinson Cano. Athletes will be highly evaluated before selected on each team. We will strive to take the best possible talent and compete every time we step between the lines. Our coaching staff will consist of former MLB players, current college coaches, and many more nationally acclaimed baseball coaches.

A memorable opportunity:

Our Cepeda Baseball Caribbean Classic will definitely be a memorable trip for your son, and we hope the family travels down and enjoys this great baseball adventure. We plan on making sure that all players are competing at a high level, but also are able to enjoy themselves and build lasting friendships with their own teammates and those on the opposite teams. A sightseeing day/free day will be part of this unforgettable trip, which will give you an opportunity to explore Dominican Republics beauty. The competition will be fierce, and all players will come back with a better understanding of baseball around the globe.

It is with our sincere hope that your child will find their time participating in our tournament  to be a wonderful and rewarding experience. We also hope that you will benefit in every way possible to further your players career and create new friendships with their fellow teammates that will last a lifetime.

Cepeda Passion – Ali Cepeda’s motto is…

"Building Bridges Between Life & Sports"