Player and Team Code of Conduct

All players and travelers must abide by player and team code of conduct below.

Playing Time

Playing time and playing opportunity are not equal. The best nine will be placed on the field at all times.

Game Rules

No parents allowed in or near dugout. All logistical support must be handled prior to game start between parent and player.


Although parent opinion may vary from coaches’ views, no discussions of any kind concerning playing time, game strategy, or any “on field” issues.


All players are representing their state/country. No emotional outburst of any kind allowed. Any act that may be deemed embarrassing or unsportsmanlike conduct will be dealt with quickly and with removal from game or dugout.

Buddy System

No player is allowed to leave resort premises whatsoever, unless accompanied by parent/guardian. In the event this occurs, parent/guardian MUST notify traveling staff or team coach.

Dress Code

All players are asked to dress accordingly for all occasions/activities.


All players required to abide by curfew.

Language and Conduct

No foul language allowed. No alcoholic beverages of any kind for any player. All players not allowed in disco or clubs. No gambling allowed. Be respectful of other travelers and/or fans at all times.


Be on time which requires players and travelers to be at designated meeting area 15 minutes prior to departure. All buses will leave whether you are on it or not.


Players are responsible to provide their own personal baseball equipment, baseball pants, catching equipment, bat, glove, helmets, belts, socks, and shoes.