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Register Now for 9th Annual Cepeda Caribbean Classic Coming in Summer 2024


Age GroupCity, StateLocation
9 - 14uAll StatesOnline Video Submission

Register Now

If you cannot make it to any of these scheduled locations, you can send a live evaluation video of your game between the lines. In the video state your name, 2024 Baseball Age & hometown.  The video should include most of the following actions:

  • Swings off a tee
  • Clips of live at bats
  • Taking ground balls, flyball, making throws, etc.
  • Pitchers- video of bullpen session or game footage
  • Catchers- video of receiving and throws to a base
  • Please keep the video under 5 minutes.  It doesn’t need to be professional quality, just something that allows us to evaluate your game.
  • Please use the online Video Submission link to submit your video
  • There’s a $25 tryout fee per participant when you register. The tryout fee is non-refundable.
  • Our professional staff will review your video and give you our feedback within 5 business days. A vast majority of players will qualify and make a team.  We recommend our event to players with high level recreation ball or travel ball experience.
    If you’re chosen for the team, a deposit of $300 is due 48 hours after being selected to secure a roster spot.