Congratulations on accepting the invitation to represent the USA and Cepeda in our 8th Annual Cepeda Caribbean Classic July 10-July 16, 2023 in the Dominican Republic!

Here are your next steps:

  1. Check out all of the Caribbean Classic details on this page:
  2. Check out the event pricing on this page:
  3. Check out our frequently asked questions here:
  4. Pay your deposit of $300 within the next 48 hours. Your son’s spot isn’t locked in until that’s done. If you want to pay via credit card email Linda at and she can give you instructions.
  5. Within the next 14 days email Linda Kinsey at and let her know the TOTAL NUMBER OF TRAVELERS IN YOUR PARTY. She will need names, ages, and birthdates. This will allow her to come up with your total trip cost which she will send to you along with your payment schedule.

[NOTE: Your son was referred to us by a coach, scout, or tournament organizer that is familiar with your son’s ability as a player and feels confident he can represent the Cepeda name and the USA well as a player in the Domincan Republic. The Cepeda staff has also verified your son’s ability through a variety of means.]