2023 Cepeda Sports Winter Training “GAMER” Session

Cepeda Sports is providing this rare opportunity for the serious ballplayer that is striving to be the best he/she can be between the lines. High School will define you as a ballplayer. If you have the confidence in you to and visualize yourself being that guy/girl and having the best spring season of your HS career there’s no better way to come prepare for your season with the Cepeda Sports All Pro staff and Dominican Republic with current and ex pros.

The scouts and our elite Cepeda staff on hand are the best evaluators on the island. Their day to day job is prepare young players to excel and maximize their talent and provide the the tools they needs to be a successful ball players at the next level. 6 am beach workouts. Prepared breakfast tailored to the athlete. Mid day clinics followed by a 9 inning game scrimmage game vs Dominican Academies.

Dominican Republic is known for having the strongest winter ball league and have produced the the best up and coming talent and current superstars in the major league. We will be hosting this event in San Pedro de Macorís. The local team’s name is Las Estrellas (The Stars). They’re called the stars because they always have the best players. This is where Fernando Tatis has played the past couple of years. Robinson Caño, Nelson Cruz, and many more have come out of this league/area. We will attend several games to watch them in action.

It will be 8 days of getting after it with elite staff that will show you from their own personal experiences how to maximize your game. If you’re a catcher wouldn’t you want to learn from someone that has caught in the MLB? If you pitch or play infield or outfield wouldn’t you want to learn from guys that have done it at the highest level.

At the beginning and the end of the week, each player will receive writing feedback. Workouts will be recorded on a daily basis for you to study and take home with you. Will have chalk talk and break down your swing or pitching mechanics throughout the week. It will be a experience of your young baseball life.



12/27 ~ Day 1

Players Arrive

12/28 ~ Day 1

7-9:30amBeach agility workout.
11-11:30amLight lunch
12:30-4pmBaseball specialized drills and pro designed workouts.

12/29 ~ Day 2

7-9:30amBeach agility workout.
11-11:30amLight lunch
1-4pmLive Situation games
Nighttime ActivityGo watch Dominican Republic winter ball game

12/30 ~ Day 3

Open morning for rest
7-8pmChalk talk and review the past couple days.

12/31 ~ Day 4

8-9amBeach Workout
10amLight workout
Rest of the day off and enjoy
New Year’s Eve

1/1 ~ Day 5

Morning off

1/2 ~ Day 6

9am-3pmopen camp / clinic with our pro staff. Break
players into groups , and then we will repeat
our drills and practice on what was taught.
Each player will notice themselves feeling better,
having more confidence, and with goal in mind.

1/3 ~ Day 7

10-12pmRevision of the week. Chalk talk with coaches.
Rest of the day off

1/4 Day 8


Description of Drills


Participants will participate in unique posture, quickness, and flexibility training. Take part in mental-game training and actions, glove-work, range, IQ, instinct and reaction training. You can only learn this from players and coaches that have played the game. That’s why we make sure all of our staff are made up of individuals that have played at a high level.

INFIELD / Infield Specialized Drills

Breakdown the infield positions by using unique infield drills.  Playing infield is a very important position. 99.9% is getting yourself ready for the next play, and visualizing the ball being hit to you, and you making the play.

You have to have the ability to read, recognize and react unconsciously, with precision, within less than a second. Playing the infield is about consistently executing both routine and great plays without thought and little effort. It’s like hitting. You don’t have time to tell yourself to get your hands inside the ball when the pitcher throws it. You have work to do something thousand times, for it to become muscle memory

Chalk talk Topics that will be discussed with all players.

  • Range Training
  • Glove-work/Actions Training
  • Footwork Training
  • Posture Training
  • Muscle Memory Training
  • Reaction Training


  • Anticipation
  • Footwork
  • The importance of pre pitch
  • First Step
  • Taking Proper angles
  • Running to a spot
  • Outfield communications drills
  • Learning how to read swings and playing to the strength of the batter
  • Anticipating where the ball will be hit according to the speed of the pitch and the count.
  • All players will keep a daily journal of workouts and keep track of the improvements and things they have worked on, and things need to take back home and keep applying it on a daily bases.


  • Understanding your strength and weaknesses at the Hitter
  • Understanding your swing  and where in the batters box could you stand to be more successful. A lot don’t pay attention to where they stand in the box.  Your distance from the plate and if you like batting up in the box or back in the box is very important. Players are built different, extremities are longer or stronger, so you stand in the box where it will benefit you the best.
  • Talk about learning how to hit with the count
  • Learning how to look for certain pitches that you like on  certain counts
  • Understand how and why we lay off certain pitches
  • Making adjustments throughout your at bat!
  • Confidence starts on deck
  • Explain the importance of having confidence on deck and how to visualize yourself driving the ball and   barreling the ball
  • The importance of hitting the ball hard somewhere and not just wanting to get a hit
  • Definition of using the whole field when up to bat AND why
  • Define hitting the ball where is pitch
  • Hit with the count and keep count leverage throughout your at bat : EXPLAIN
  • Don’t be a slave stay and why

We want to help each player become a better and smarter player.  Baseball is 80% mental and 20% talent. The sessions will be tailored for players to learn more about their game and how they can go home and apply what they’ve learned.

2023 Winter Training “GAMER” Session

  • Dates: 12/27 – 1/4
  • Ages: 14-18u
  • Max Number of Players: 30
  • Location: San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic

Price per player: $1,499

Additional Travelers:

  • Adults (12 and older): $999
  • Youth (12 and younger): $499

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Each player will receive the following that’s included in their fee.

Practice Gear

Mandatory: All players buy one Practice Gear package listed below

Package #1

  • 2 pairs of training shorts
  • 2 pair training shirts
  • 2 pairs of baseball socks
  • 1 hat
  • 1 Pair of Pants

Cost: $275

Package #2

  • 3 training shirts
  • 3 training shorts
  • 1 extra hat
  • 1 extra pair of pants
  • 2 Cepeda training Socks
  • Adidas string bag for your personal stuff.
  • 1 personalized custom wood bat, by Birdman bat.

Cost: $425

Package #3

  • 5 shirts
  • 5 shorts
  • 1 Cepeda pullover
  • 2 hats
  • 3 pairs of Cepeda training socks
  • 1 pair of Jaeger bands
  • Adidas string bag- for your personal stuff
  • 2 Birdman custom wood bats

Cost: $750

Optional Gear for all Packages

All fees and packages chosen needs to be paid and turned In by November 15th

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