Payments & What Is Included


We will divide your complete party (family) fees into monthly installments as soon as your confirm on the group of 30.

Your last payment is due NO LATER than December 1st, 2023. If you would like to cover the fees (pay in full) in less time, please let us know. Once we know the total amount of travelers in your party, we will provide you with your monthly installment amount.

All families must inform Cepeda Baseball of the total number of additional travelers within 14 days of paying deposit. No travelers can be added after the 14-day deadline without approval. Requesting approval for additional travelers after the 14-day deadline doesn’t guarantee approval.

Payments are nonrefundable & you will be FULLY responsible for your entire balance once payments begin. If you decide not to attend, you will be required to pay the balance owed in FULL by The time allotted.  If the event is CANCELED due to an act of nature, ie., pandemic, hurricane, etc. you will receive a full refund.

Once the balance is paid, you will receive a pre‐trip packet of information via email. Please feel free to contact Linda Kinsey at any time, for further details regarding our trip.

What is Included:

GROUND TRANSPORTATION: While in the Dominican Republic, all ground transportation to tournament related destinations will be provided.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Costal Caribe Resort – A FAMILY-FRIENDLY ENTERTAINING SANCTUARY in the Dominican Republic where the crisp opaline sea caresses the endless coastline of Bávaro Beach, & you recline under the shade and drift into thoughts of how you can spend this perfect day.

**Each player will be provided a double‐occupancy room for themselves, and their family (up to 3 persons + player) in their room for a total of 7 nights. **Hotel is subject to change.**

Additional Nights: All participants/guests wanting to stay additional nights in the Dominican Republic can do so at their discretion. The fees attached to the additional nights will need to be paid directly to the Costal Caribe Resort BEFORE arrival to the resort.


  • Orquidea Main Restaurant – International
  • Beach Restaurant – International
  • Pool Restaurant – International

(A la carte restaurants for your senses)

  • TEQUILA RESTAURANT – Traditional Mexican Cuisine
  • THALI – Indian cuisine
  • THE GREEK – Greek cuisine
  • RODIZIO RESTAURANT – Brazilian grilled meat served tableside
  • FISH MARKET – Perfectly prepared seafood
  • MIKADO JAPANESE RESTAURANT – Exciting Japanese cuisine and entertainment
  • MAIKO JAPANESE RESTAURANT – Exciting Japanese cuisine and entertainment
  • LOS CORALES RESTAURANT – Los Corales Dominican Restaurant

BEACH ACTIVITY: Throughout the vacation, players and family members will have the opportunity to enjoy quality time at the beach.

BASEBALL: All baseball activities. Opening/Closing Ceremonies.

WATER: Cepeda Baseball will provide purified water throughout the week to all participants for games.

What is NOT Included:

AIRFARE: All travelers are free to book on whichever airline they choose to arrive in La Romana International or Santo Domingo (SDQ).

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Each participant can purchase Travel Insurance at their discretion with a non-affiliated agency. Any player withdrawals that will request a refund will require a serious and compelling reason with supporting documentation of the reason for funds return. Cepeda Staff will review on a case by case basis to determine the prorated return of funds. All tournament fees paid to Cepeda Baseball are non‐refundable unless the trip is canceled by Cepeda Baseball.**

NON-SCHEDULED MEALS: Meals offsite or at non‐scheduled times.

NON-SCHEDULED SIGHTSEEING TOURS BEACH ACTIVITIES: Beaches in the Dominican Republic are full of activities, including Jet Skis, ocean tours, boat rentals, and much more. This will be at the cost of the individual.

GRATUITIES: Please represent the Cepeda name proudly, and support the tour guides and bus drivers. Tipping is appropriate.